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6 Discord Servers Indie Game Developers Should Join

We LOVE Discord, and as you’re here I’ll assume I’m preaching to the choir. Should you not be familiar with the wonderful world of Discord, check it out.

One of the best things about Discord is the huge variety of servers you can access, covering a vast range of hobbies, interests, and games. It brings over 140 million active users together every month into communities of like-minded people.

On the flip side, there are more than 6.7 million active servers so finding high-quality servers can be a bit of a task. We thought we’d help out but giving you 5 of our favourite Discord servers for indie game developers.


We highly recommend this one for all game developers and artists, with more than 33,400 members you’ll never be short of someone to chat to.

They describe themselves as a community built around helping developers learn, collaborate and share their work. We can’t argue with that, genuine help and support are all over the place and the expertise in this group shines through in the channels.

We’ve been a part of this server since it started in 2017 and Liam Sorta (founder of GDN) has worked hard to create a supportive space for all.

Heiny ‘Indie’ Reimes Heiny logo

An active server dedicated to helping Indie Developers, Heiny is one of our personal favourites. This is a server of more than 1800 engaged members and is consistently growing well.

We love the supportive nature of the server, especially that of Heiny himself. With an impressive Twitter following of over 101k, he consistently pushes out the news of quality Indie developers and publishers. We feel this is true to the indie dev community and we commend him for this. Good job Heiny!

Work with Indies

A fantastic server (and website) for those looking for work. They’ve made it super user-friendly with jobs posting channels split out into specific skills, making it easy to find the roles that you’re most suited to. More than 6300 members offering or looking for work then you’re pretty spoilt for choice.

They’re not just a job board though, they have an advice section covering cover letters, CVs, portfolios, and interviews. A resource section where the community shares helpful articles and courses, and not to mention a whole channel dedicated to pet spam… What’s not to love!

The website makes it incredibly easy to advertise jobs too, should you be looking to post a role.

Unity Developer Community

Another active server of over 11,100 members. Despite the size, this server still has a real community feel to it. Plenty of support and advice on all things unity, mixed in with lots of general chat and Memes.

This is the place for Unity developers, publishers and people who like and use the Unity engine to hang out, socialise and lean on others to help when there is an unfixable problem in your way.

Unreal Slackers

The biggest on this list with a thriving community of more than 63,300 Unreal Engine users, from all over the world. The aim of the server is to allow members to socialize, get help and share their work. The server is filled with active channels of informative chats and questions rarely seem to go unanswered by someone in the community.

IndieGameBusinessIndie Game Business Logo

A community of passionate indie game enthusiasts. Whether you’re an aspiring game developer, a freelance artist, a marketing whiz, or simply someone curious about the business side of gaming, this is the place to be.
They focus on connection building, sharing knowledge, and providing valuable resources to help you navigate the exciting world of independent game development.

Discord Server Button

There are so many great servers on Discord we found it hard to narrow it down to just 5, so if you have a favourite we haven’t listed then please let us know on Twitter. We’re always on the lookout for new active communities to be part of.

We communicate with almost all of our clients exclusively on discord, if you love it as much as we do why not join our server too?  Don’t forget to introduce yourself and the project you’re working on. We love to hear what the indie dev community are working on.

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