Delving into the art style behind Stray

Adventure game with a cat protagonist, Stray, immediately caught the attention not just of cat-lovers, but gamers worldwide prior to its successful release in July. The feline star of the show, as well as the well-crafted story, has been very well-praised as a concept. However, cat and story aside, we have taken a closer look […]

Our Monthly Art, 3D and Animation Retainer Service for Game Developers

Are you frequently hiring artists to help with your game and experiencing the frustration that comes with waiting for quotes, rejigging scopes, reconfiguring budgets and subsequently slow development progress?  In which case, is now the time you’re looking to find the right partner to help long-term on a retainer level instead? Spoiler: Partner with us! […]

How silence can make your sound more powerful

Number of musical instruments

Imagine the sound of a baby laughing. Now, a baby crying. The calm bubbling of a gently flowing stream of water, and a harrowing thunderstorm. All of these sounds are vividly different, and they each illicit some sort of emotional response. The laughter, joy; the crying, sadness (irritation for some); the babbling brook, calmness; and […]

Why Art Style Is More Important Than Graphics in Game Design

Game Art style vs graphic

I will begin this with the difference between graphics and art style in games… Generally, graphics are about the technical elements in the game – the pixels, the quality etc. Art style is about all of the art in the game – the colours, the lighting, the characters and basically the look of the game. […]