Claim your free Budget Builder session

We’re offering free 30 minute sessions with our team to build an estimate of your game’s budget.

How it works

  1. Book your session and provide info about your project
  2. Buy your ticket to GDLX23
  3. Attend your 30 minute session with an MLC team member
  4. Get your budget estimate in a follow up email in just 2 days!

What is included?

You’ll receive a spreadsheet document sectioned into different categories. This includes specific costs for fixed deliverables and estimates for salaries.

We provide budgets for the following:

  • 2D & 3D production (assets and tech art)
  • Implementation into engine (Unity or Unreal)
  • Management/producers
  • Marketing assets (trailers, key art etc.)

Who is this for?

Whether you are an experienced developer or a first time solo dev, budgeting your game isn’t something you can just guess. This free service is for all game developers, both big and small.

You do not have to work with MLC after we have given you your budget. This is a free service.


29th March 2023 26 Leake Street, London

The next Budget Builder sessions are happening exclusively at GDLX23 at the MLC Zone. A GDLX ticket is required.


We reply to enquires within 12 hours on working days (and usually under 2 hours!)