Demystifying 3D Character Rigging for Games 

Ninja Cat Character rig illustration

Character rigging is a vital aspect of bringing virtual characters to life, yet its complexity is often overlooked. In collaboration with one of our senior rigging and groom artists, we aim to demystify this craft and provide in-depth insights into the process of rigging characters for games

The Character Animation Process Behind Subway Surfers Blast 

The Character Animation Process Behind Subway Surfers Blast  Subway Surfers: the beloved endless runner game that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. With a staggering 2 billion downloads and counting, it’s no wonder that the game’s characters have become cultural icons. So, when Outplay Entertainment approached MLC to help bring Jake to life in […]

Benefits of using Motion Capture in game development

Cat wearing mocap suit

Motion capture has been used in animation, filmmaking, and video games since 1915 to help actors bring characters to life by using real-world movements. Motion capture (MoCap) involves filming actors’ movements and translating them into digital data. The technology has advanced quite substantially since then. Nowadays, it is widely used by game developers to create […]

So, you want to be a 3D Animator?

Cat being interviewed about animation tips

Would you like some insider tips and tricks from our master of 3D animations?

Read on to find out his 3 top tips for creating 3D animation and why he thinks you should be staring at people more…

Rob also talks about his inspirations and things he wishes he knew when he started working on 3D.


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