How to Master Collaboration with a Remote Game Art Outsourcing Team

 In the wake of the pandemic, remote collaboration and hybrid work models have become the norm. While the idea of managing a remote team might seem daunting, the advantages can significantly outweigh the challenges when approached strategically.   At MLC, we’ve been a fully remote team since the very beginning, back in 2017, and we’ve discovered […]

The Importance of Good 3D Character Rigging in Games 

Ninja Cat Character rig illustration

Character rigging is a vital aspect of bringing virtual characters to life, yet its complexity is often overlooked. In collaboration with one of our senior rigging and groom artists, we aim to demystify this craft and provide in-depth insights into the process of rigging characters for games

5 Simple Ways Art Direction Instantly Supercharges Your Game Development

In video game development, there’s an unsung hero that often remains hidden behind the scenes, yet its influence is felt throughout every visual aspect of the game. This hero is none other than art direction, a cornerstone of game development that wields immense power in shaping the player’s experience and the overall success of a […]

How to Unlock the Power of Outsourcing in Game Development 

In game development, where innovation and efficiency are paramount, strategic decision-making can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. While building an in-house team has its advantages, there are specific scenarios where outsourcing tasks to external freelancers can offer significant benefits.   Our Studio Director, Max Louis, spoke at Game Dev London Expo back in March […]

Create Next Level Experiences in Unreal Editor for Fortnite

MLC Cat parachuting onto Fortnite island

Hold on to your hats, Fortnite fans, because the beta release of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) was recently announced by Epic Games in March 2023, and it’s set to revolutionize the way we play and create content in the game!  With over 500 million players already hooked on Fortnite, the introduction of UEFN is […]

How to Craft the Perfect Game Art Brief

Art Brief

In the world of game development, capturing the perfect visual style is paramount. It’s what sets your game apart, engaging players from their very first encounter to their countless return visits. When it comes to commissioning art for your game, a well-crafted brief becomes your lifeline. It ensures seamless collaboration between you and the artist, […]

The Definitive Game Art Outsourcing Guide 2023

Game art outsourcing is an efficient way to flexibly increase the size and skills of your game development team. However, it’s a decision not to be taken lightly. Finding a partner who is both reliable and passionate about your game is essential but can be tricky. This is why we’ve created this outsourcing guide highlighting […]

Things to Remember When Translating 2D Concepts into 3D Models

Turning a beautiful concept into a 3D model is an exciting process we’re all familiar with. Although familiar, there are key elements that can easily be missed when knee-deep in development, or that can be frustratingly forgotten about as a consideration in the process. Unsurprisingly, this often leads to disappointing models and disappointed teams. So, […]

Gameplay or Cinematic trailers: Which is best?

MLC loves to create MLC trailers

You’ve worked super hard on your game, and it’s time to create a trailer 🥳. Trailers are an essential marketing asset for your game and when done right, both gameplay and cinematic trailers can create incredible hype.   Trailers need to capture the audience’s attention and create a desire to play. They’ll be a way […]

Our Monthly Art, 3D and Animation Retainer Service for Game Developers

Are you frequently hiring artists to help with your game and experiencing the frustration that comes with waiting for quotes, rejigging scopes, reconfiguring budgets and subsequently slow development progress?  In which case, is now the time you’re looking to find the right partner to help long-term on a retainer level instead? Spoiler: Partner with us […]

How To Structure A Killer Game Pitch Deck

Publisher Reviewing pitch Deck

You’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years developing your game, it’s ready to take to the next step… You’ve decided you want the help of a publisher. Now what? One of the key parts of game development is pitching your game, so don’t overlook the importance of creating a killer pitch deck.  We’ve put together […]

Benefits Of Creating Assets From Scratch

Game assets on a green background

I’m about to dive into something which I’m learning is a rather touchy subject among game devs… Stick with me. If you scroll through Reddit’s threads on using free assets in games, it seems there’s a bit of a split verdict over it. Many game developers ask “Why not?” and we agree, especially in early […]

Benefits of using Motion Capture in game development

Cat wearing mocap suit

Motion capture has been used in animation, filmmaking, and video games since 1915 to help actors bring characters to life by using real-world movements. Motion capture (MoCap) involves filming actors’ movements and translating them into digital data. The technology has advanced quite substantially since then. Nowadays, it is widely used by game developers to create […]

Why is concept art so important in game design?

Cat Drawing Character Concept Art

One of the many reasons I love working at MLC is that I’m surrounded by amazingly talented people every day. Ask anyone who has ever played Pictionary with me and they’ll confirm, I am useless at art! However, I’m fascinated by beautiful artwork and the process behind creating it. The role of concept art is […]

6 Discord Servers Indie Game Developers Should Join

Cat looking for Discord Servers using a mouse

With more than 6.7 million active servers on discord finding high-quality servers can be a bit of a task. We thought we’d help out but giving you 5 of our favourite discord servers for Indie Game Developers.

How silence can make your sound more powerful

Number of musical instruments

Imagine the sound of a baby laughing. Now, a baby crying. The calm bubbling of a gently flowing stream of water, and a harrowing thunderstorm. All of these sounds are vividly different, and they each illicit some sort of emotional response. The laughter, joy; the crying, sadness (irritation for some); the babbling brook, calmness; and […]

Why Art Style Is More Important Than Graphics in Game Design

Game Art style vs graphic

I will begin this with the difference between graphics and art style in games… Generally, graphics are about the technical elements in the game – the pixels, the quality etc. Art style is about all of the art in the game – the colours, the lighting, the characters and basically the look of the game. […]


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