The Importance of Good 3D Character Rigging in Games 

Ninja Cat Character rig illustration

Character rigging is a vital aspect of bringing virtual characters to life, yet its complexity is often overlooked. In collaboration with one of our senior rigging and groom artists, we aim to demystify this craft and provide in-depth insights into the process of rigging characters for games

MLC Annual Roundup 2023

Here we are, after another year that went almost as fast as GTA 6 hit 120m views in 72 hours…  Now, this year has been far from smooth sailing for the games industry with layoffs, budget cuts, and cancelled games like we’ve never seen before. Sending thoughts and good vibes to those sadly affected.  In […]

MLC Yearly Review 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we want to shout a huge THANK YOU to all of our new clients, existing clients and partners who have made our 2022 the most special year for us to date. We have had quite the year of growth filled with exciting projects, incredible events and awesome […]


Diversity blog header

You’re probably aware that last month was Pride Month, a month that celebrates diversity and highlights the importance of inclusivity & equality. These are two things we celebrate every month and are values held at the heart of MLC. In October 2021, Max became a Women in Games Ambassador. This is something that everyone at […]

MLC (Max Louis Creative) is evolving

Max louis creative name change brainstorm image

When I started Max Louis Creative back in 2017, it originated from the desire to work on projects that went beyond my own creative skillset. I had a passion for working with businesses and game studios but I wanted to do more than just graphic design. So, I decided to pull together a small team […]

Why is concept art so important in game design?

Cat Drawing Character Concept Art

One of the many reasons I love working at MLC is that I’m surrounded by amazingly talented people every day. Ask anyone who has ever played Pictionary with me and they’ll confirm, I am useless at art! However, I’m fascinated by beautiful artwork and the process behind creating it. The role of concept art is […]

So, you want to be a 3D Animator?

Cat being interviewed about animation tips

Would you like some insider tips and tricks from our master of 3D animations?

Read on to find out his 3 top tips for creating 3D animation and why he thinks you should be staring at people more…

Rob also talks about his inspirations and things he wishes he knew when he started working on 3D.


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