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Partner with the extensive MLC development team to build your vision

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Partnership agreement

We’ll split our partnership agreement with into two key areas.


We’ll set a budget together based on the vision for the full game or vertical slice. You’ll financially commit this budget for programming, art or other development costs.

Revenue Share

We’ll also agree a revenue share agreement to joint own the project from the get go. You’ll get MLC’s full attention as we blossom into a full partnership to build the best games possible.

MLC COntributions

We’ll contribute in hundreds of ways, but here are a few important skills and experience we bring to your project.
Art Direction
Game Design
Publisher Connections
Expert Consultancy
Absolute Passion
Pitch Deck Expertise
Budget Creation

Not quite ready?

Register your interest and we will get in touch to find out your timeline and spread out discussion.

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We reply to enquires within 12 hours on working days (and usually under 2 hours!)