No Man’s North
A new ice age is looming and you must escape the cold in British Colombia, Canada, with only your RV, dog and will to survive.
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Title No Man's North
Genres adventure, open-world, survival
Developer No Man's North & MLC
Platforms pc
The year is 2025. The Northern hemisphere of the world is covered in ice, cold winds and no signs of life. James however sits alone in his wooden suburban home, also covered with ice and bearing the winds from beyond . A breeze comes through what he believes to be a gap in one of the decrepit windows or rotten floorboards. But he’s sure he fixed those last week. Maybe the week before? Who knows what day it is anymore. Life as we know it has come to a stop. The next ice-age is (or was) upon us. Not many listened to the warning signs. Unfortunately for James, his family did. After 10 gruelling months the family finally left him. “You just don’t listen to anyone James, how can you believe that this isn’t going to get any worse?” Those were the last words he remembers before seeing his beloved 4×4 disappear into the blistering cold ‘They won’t last long with those tyres’ he thought. They often felt James never cared. But he did. Maybe they were right to leave him. Maybe not. The only thing they didn’t take was his RV. That’s because he never told them where the keys were. James Heresy’s time is limited after realizing his home is now freezing over. After denying anything was wrong for a long time – he’s set to pursue the radio signal blasted across every radio and TV station for the past year. One man, his dog and his RV. Will he make it to the coast line before the North West Pacific is completely frozen over?
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