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Release Date 2020-07-07
Party Arena
Turn-Based Strategy Board Game + Action Mini Games
Title Party Arena
Genres action, strategy
Developer Funture Games
Publisher Funture Games
Release Date July 7, 2020
Platforms pc
2-4 Players Online or Local Play. Turn-Based Strategy Board Game + Action Mini Games. Use items to max effect as you move around the board and combo to victory. Fast games (20 minutes total)! Fun for any evening or night with friends! Party Arena is a 2-4 player turn based strategy board game + action mini-games mashup. After each round on the board game you compete in an action mini game, which then determines turn order and awards for the board game. Use items to push, pull, and deal damage to other players and affect their ability to get goblets and win the game. Using and combining items really makes the game. More item usage = more fun. Try to give the game a second play through at least once you learn the rules and how everything works.


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