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How to hire freelancers for your game studio.

Game development can be a complex field combining programming, creativity and art. It requires technical knowledge to bring all the elements together. So what do you do when you come across a skill gap in your team but can’t commit to taking on a permanent team member?

Hiring a freelancer could be the answer. Allowing you to quickly, temporarily, scale up a team to fill those roles that are not the team’s strengths. This allows developers to build the right team to bring their game vision to life.

Creating an exciting video game needs a passionate team who are connected to this vision. There are many ways you can unite a team, such as having great concept art. This is because it inspires discussions about the direction for the mood and general feel, ensuring everyone working on the game is on the same page. We recently created a blog on why concept art is important – Check it out. 

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How to hire the perfect freelancer for your game.

  • Post a job – To provide a list of clear deliverables and expectations.
  • Go through applications – Negotiate with freelancers and make your hires.
  • Track their progress – Chat regularly and review their work.
  • Pay safely – Many freelancers expect 50% upfront.

When hiring, look for an excellent portfolio with multiple examples or a specialist skill in an area is really important to you. Have a chat before hiring, to check the freelancers approach and personality is a match for you and your team. 

Where can you hire freelancers?

There is an abundance of sites where you can find and chat with freelancers. Social media and Discord channels are a great place to start and there are many Discord servers where you can find and hire freelancers for your studio. 

Here are a few examples of discord servers with good hiring channels:

Some sites you might find useful:

Of course, it can be difficult to know the amount of work needed to produce a game from start to finish. We know creating an amazing game can be costly, and hiring a freelancer is no exception. The cost can vary depending on several factors like location, experience, skills and the complexity/time of commitment needed.

Whilst it may be tempting to hire the cheaper freelancer, be aware this will often come with its own issues. A general rule of thumb is the cheaper the freelancer, the lower the quality, experience level and skills. 

Advantages to hiring a freelancer: 

  • Need an exact match? Describe what you’re looking for.
  • Flexible with project scope (Ability to tackle single tasks or long-term projects).
  • Ability to build relationships with potential long-term partnerships and care for your project.
  • Often able to work fast and complete tasks within tight deadlines.
  • A wide range of experience levels means you can assign lower priority tasks to lower-cost freelancers, and raise your budget where experience matters


As good as it sounds to hire a freelancer, there are a few things you should watch out for!

When hiring, keep an eye out for their communication skills. Communication is obviously key when hiring for your game studio to ensure you’re all on the same page and to monitor progress. 

Pitfalls when hiring freelancers that you should prepare for:

  • Legal protection isn’t always included.
  • Some leave mid-project without warning.
  • Your admin can grow substantially.

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Now you’ve reached this part of the blog, here’s where I reveal we might be the perfect route for you seeing as you’re thinking about hiring.

At MLC, we are an art outsourcing team who partners with game developers to help create beautiful experiences that tell a story. You could say art is our strongest passion! 

You can expect full care and commitment to your project when working with our network of freelancers. We’re all about flexibility so you’ll be able to work with just one person or a whole team, we have the ability to quickly scale up a team.

Our network of freelancers varies from juniors to AAA seniors so we have a range of skills, everything to suit your project needs. You will also get an account manager or an art director to ensure the smooth running of your project! 

We’ve never gone AWOL, how could we? 

Contact us, if you need a helping hand with your current or next project. 

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