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How we work

At MLC, you will work with other creative freelancers to help game developers take their games to the next level. From concept art to 3D animation, we cover every part of the art pipeline. Whether you are part of our Studio Team or Talent Network, you’ll be working on exciting projects and collaborating with amazing people.


  • First dibs on incoming projects
  • Chat directly with clients to bring their ideas to life
  • Encouraged to be involved in MLC’s growth by bringing new ideas forward
  • Leadership and mentoring roles available
  • Possibility of being offered full time positions

Network TEAM

  • Help out the Studio team with overflow work
  • Highly flexible work schedule
  • Just focus on the work—no need to talk to clients
  • Work with a Project Manager and MLC Studio members to gain experience
  • Opportunities to grow into Studio roles
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We’re a proudly diverse and inclusive team and encourage our members to always be themselves. LGBTQ+, BIPOC, visible minorities… Everyone is welcome at MLC 💚

With 42% of our team identifying as female, we are a unicorn in the game dev industry (where that is closer to 30%). Our Managing Director and Women in Games Ambassador, Max, is committed to effecting change in the gaming world by giving more women and other minorities in the industry the opportunity to showcase their talent.

MLC is a Good Business Charter member which means we are committed to paying fair wages—no one is paid national minimum wage or even living wages! Our team set their own rates, so you will always be paid your value.

Why MLC?

No more worrying about where your next job will come from. We’ll find them for you!

That’s right. We find new clients and projects for you to fit your schedule, so when and how much you work is totally up to you.

We’re a community of creatives working together and forming lasting bonds.

At MLC, we understand that we are stronger together. Our close-knit team is just a chat message away if you need a second opinion on a project or need help with a technical problem.

You’ll have back-up on every project with a dedicated project manager.

We know juggling deadlines can be hard when you’re deep in the creative zone, we’ve been there too. That’s why our project managers are here to support you from start to finish and keep the conversation between you and the clients flowing.

Get paid on time, every time!

You won’t need to chase clients for payments or worry about invoicing multiple people—that’s all taken care of by our amazing accounts team. And, you get to charge your normal hourly rate so you’ll be paid the same as when you’re working on your own.

Exciting, cross-discipline projects that stretch your creativity.

Want to work on inventive projects with amazing clients? We work with both small and large clients, and we often use cross-functional teams to accomplish the best result.

Get access to our extensive asset library

Over the years of working on projects, we have collected a large library of assets we have the licences to use on future projects. You’ll be able to use any assets you like to help you complete your work with MLC projects.

In case you need more reasons to join:

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Team game nights

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Games & Xbox Game Pass

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Annual team meet-up

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Free Merch

Max Louis

Studio Director

I’m committed to making MLC the best place for freelance artists to collaborate on projects they are truly passionate about.

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Max Louis

Managing Director

I’m committed to making MLC the best place for freelance artists to collaborate on projects they are truly passionate about.

Our Values

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We are fiercely passionate about games, delivering quality work, and good customer service

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We pride ourselves on having an inclusive culture where creatives can feel understood, encouraged, and empowered.

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MLC is built on a network of support from other freelancers, administrators, and project managers with open communication at all times.

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We trust in your creative process and we promise to allow you the freedom to follow it.

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As a collective, we welcome collaboration between freelancers. But more importantly, we take a collaborative approach with our clients.


Ludmila4 Years at MLC
Read More
I’ve been with MLC since the beginning and I have seen at first sight the passion and the resolution to grow with the company in each member and on myself. My life has changed drastically since I’ve entered MLC, where I found an awesome job with flexible hours, talented comrades and top-notch clients. This was my place to bet it all: growth, learning, teaching, broadening my horizons and spread my wings. MLC is a collaboration of talented freelancers that have the same goal: To live off their profession, to start their life as a professional and to make their lifetime choice a living.
Ivan4 Years at MLC
Read More
It doesn't matter if you are inside as a member or outside as a client, MLC has always been all about making you feel an important part of this family. As a member of the team it's great to feel like we are not doing only a quality job but also having fun in the process.
Margo2 Years at MLC
Read More
From the very beginning of my work in MLC, my understanding of remote work has completely changed. From an unstable, eternally suspended position, work became a support and an opportunity to develop and grow, doing what I have passion and interest for. Top level management, support in all difficult situations, cool teammates from different parts of the world, all this helped me a lot to grow and develop. Moreover I was always scared to work with clients because English was not my native language. In MLC I got a lot of practice and my level grew quickly. Now I'm way more confident and plan to work further because I see my future career opportunities in MLC and simply love this team ♥

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