MLC is dedicated to helping game developers and companies to create experiences for players and gamers around the world to enjoy. We are not in the business of gambling, playing games for financial gain, or exploiting players for their money. This policy outlines what MLC refuses to engage in.

MLC will conduct due diligence on its clients to understand the end audience and intent of the project put forward. At MLC’s discretion, if MLC finds the project not fit within this policy, MLC will refuse work or cease trading with the client on said project with immediate effect. Example projects that we find to not fit this policy or MLC are:

  1. Gambling and betting games with real money
  2. Lootboxes that exploit its player base negatively or prevent players from proper access to the game with lootboxes or micro-transactions
  3. Lootboxes or other micro-transactions targetted at audiences under the age of 13 where the digital goods acquired with lootboxes or purchases are not cosmetic only


This policy is updated occasionally and it is not the responsibility of MLC to keep its clients up to date with this policy. Last updated: June 23rd 2021.


We reply to enquires within 12 hours on working days (and usually under 2 hours!)