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MLC (Max Louis Creative) is evolving

When I started Max Louis Creative back in 2017, it originated from the desire to work on projects that went beyond my own creative skillset. I had a passion for working with businesses and game studios but I wanted to do more than just graphic design. So, I decided to pull together a small team of 8 talented freelancers I found online and see if we could collaborate under one name with a unified purpose.

We steadily grew over the years, doubling down on our passion for games, leaving working with traditional businesses behind us and moving on to rebrand as MLC.

We have again come to a crossroads in our next phase of MLC. With this, we are excited to be launching our new website and new portfolio collection. The main aim of our website redesign is to show off the incredible projects we’ve been lucky enough to be part of. We’re incredibly proud of the process that goes into each of our game dev partnerships and we just love seeing projects evolve. This just wasn’t highlighted enough on our old website!

As part of this evolution from a small team and myself, we felt it was right to acknowledge that we’ve moved on to bigger things… So, whilst we will always be MLC, we will no longer be known as Max Louis Creative. 

From today, we are Magna Ludum Creatives!

name reveal

Magna Ludum is Latin for Great Game, which we think beautifully reflects our passion for games and the stunning art within them.

Where we started

As I mentioned, in 2017 MLC was a small group of passionate creatives, working together on pretty much any art job we could get our hands on. Our area of expertise was concentrated but we lacked focus; we worked on projects in everything from web design and book illustration to game art.

Where we are now

We’ve come a long way since 2017, right now we are a team and network of 42 artists and developers backed up by 9 staff members. Our artists love the flexibility of being freelance whilst still enjoying support from a close-knit team and dedicated project managers. Our clients love this too, the passion of freelancers is evident and the support of our project managers means our projects run smoothly. Just check out our 60+ 5 star reviews.

The MLC Team

We specialise in designing and creating art, animation and marketing assets for games. This is where our passion lies and to date, we have worked on over 900 projects with over 400 game devs and studios.

I think you’ll agree you can see the love and pride in our work on our new website. We’ve worked hard on it over the last couple of months (we lie, it took almost half a year!). We’re eager to hear what you think.

Where we are going

We have big plans for MLC. Our culture within MLC inspires talent retention, in fact, we still have most of our founding team. We’re all excited and united in our vision to build a global network and become the best artist resource you can find in the games industry. 

We plan to increase our talent pool size tenfold by mid-2023 and create regionally based teams. It’s key to MLC that we maintain our infamous passion for our craft, so our team members will still undergo the rigorous skills testing you expect from MLC. 

We’ll give game devs access to flexible, reliable teams purpose-built for their project, no matter what timezone or creative skills are required.

At MLC, we feel exceptionally lucky to be able to work with some of the most passionate game developers out there. We’re SO excited to be in this next phase of MLC and can’t wait to see what 2022 and onwards has in store for us.

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