MLC Annual Roundup 2023

Here we are, after another year that went almost as fast as GTA 6 hit 120m views in 72 hours… 

Now, this year has been far from smooth sailing for the games industry with layoffs, budget cuts, and cancelled games like we’ve never seen before. Sending thoughts and good vibes to those sadly affected. 

In our typical annual roundup fashion though, we want to keep spirits up by highlighting the positives that came from 2023 for MLC – and there were plenty! Read on to find out our highlights.

MLC Team

Gather Town has played a huge part for us this year after being recommended the virtual office by the awesome guys over at Hotdrop. What a huge difference it’s made to our workday! Being able to pop into people’s offices and co-work has increased our feeling of togetherness in a remote workplace. We’re huge advocates and recommend Gather to all remote teams after it being more than a success for us.

There’ve been promotions, new additions to our MLC crew, multiple online game nights and in-person meet-ups throughout the year. Engagements, new pets, new houses…there’s been lots to celebrate!

Event Antics

We kicked off the year with an exciting journey to GDC San Francisco, followed by the pleasure of sponsoring the Game Dev London Expo (GDLX) in London. Our globetrotting continued with trips including Dubrovnik for Reboot Develop, Gamescom, and then over to Vancouver for XDS. We’ve so enjoyed being able to visit beautiful cities, enjoy the camaraderie of 2023’s events, meet new partners, and get the team together IRL. More on the agenda for next year! 


Big things are coming next year for our new platform, MLC Pro – the platform where you can build and manage your game studio. For a good while now, we have been looking to create a smart way for our projects to be managed, and we’re close to sharing this with the world.

You’ll see much more exciting stuff about MLC Pro in early 2024. In the meantime, discover the full feature list here and join our newly live waitlist!

MLC Project Highlights 

Every year we have the pleasure of working on truly awesome projects from indie upwards. This year’s been particularly special! Here are some of our team’s favourites that we’re able to share – Under a Rock (Nordic Trolls), Remnant Records (Noctiluca Studio), Subway Surfers Blast (SYBO, Outplay Entertainment) and Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria (Free Range Games). Check out a whole load more here.

Max’s MCV Develop 30 Under 30 Award 

MLC’s Studio Director, Max, was absolutely over the moon to have earned a well-deserved spot on this year’s MCV Develop 30 Under 30 list! We had a great time celebrating at IRL, London in November. 

What’s coming in 2024 for MLC?

Without revealing too much, we will focus a large part of our 2024 on team expansion, new services, MLC Pro development and of course MLC growth as a whole. Everything else, let’s just say this…is under NDA!  

A Note from MLC’s Studio Director, Max Louis 

MLC Studio Director, Max

“After such a challenging year for the games industry, I’m so proud to be able to look back and say ‘we did it’. There have been so many amazing moments I shared with the team, friends at events across the globe and the incredible clients we collaborate with. Thank you to you all, artists, clients and partners. Cheers to a turnaround year to come in 2024!”

That’s all, folks! We’d like to give a big kudos to everyone who has been part of MLC’s 2023, especially to our incredible team. Our 2023 has been truly great and we cannot wait to see what 2024 brings. 

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