MLC Teams Up with Players Attic to Co-Develop Wild Yonder, the Ultimate Narrative-Driven Adventure Game


MLC Teams Up with Players Attic to Co-Develop Wild Yonder, the Ultimate Narrative-Driven Adventure Game

March 9th, 2023

MLC has partnered with Players Attic to co-develop narrative-driven adventure game Wild Yonder, a character-focused story set in a post-dystopian world. Inspired by popular games such as Firewatch, Call of The Sea, and OxenFree, Wild Yonder is an ambitious adventure game that promises to take players on an emotional journey.

The world of Wild Yonder is one where humanity has all but abandoned Earth, leaving behind a wilderness of scavengers and decaying robots. The game’s protagonist, Brody, is a starship pilot exiled in disgrace, with a bounty on her head and a string of bad debts. However, when she teams up with Colt Bukowski, captain of Ol’ Sally, their fortunes change, and they embark on an adventure that will challenge and change them both.

We’re beyond excited to be working with the great Players Attic team after a highly successful collaboration in early 2022 made it clear we’re an excellent fit working together“, said MLC’s Studio Director, Max Louis. “The game’s narrative is already award worthy and we’re bringing MLC’s art power to match the narrative’s quality.

Players Attic is the game development studio duo of Nikk Whysall and Lee Currie. Together, they have crafted an intimate story with a rich and detailed world that will immerse players in a post-dystopian future.

Players Attic is thrilled to be co-developing Wild Yonder alongside MLC.” said by both Lee Currie and Nikk Whysall of Players Attic.

As a studio, we have always been incredibly passionate about creating games that tell bold stories set in unique and vibrant worlds. After initially working with MLC to help bring elements of the world to life, we knew we had found another studio that shared our vision and the perfect partner to help us develop the game in-full. We are very excited about our future working together, and can’t wait to showcase the game to publishers and the public as development continues.

The development is expected to last 18 months and the team is actively seeking publishers to come onboard and join them in making the game. Wild Yonder promises to be a unique and unforgettable adventure game that will take players on a journey through a rich and immersive world.

For more information about Wild Yonder and its development, visit the official website and follow MLC and Players Attic on social media.

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About MLC:

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MLC unlocks access to freelance game artists for game developers seeking dependable talent. MLC was founded in 2017 and boasts a large portfolio including games such as Expedition Agartha, Morbid Metal, Labyrinthine and No Man’s North. They are committed to providing a supportive and collaborative environment for their artists, empowering them to bring their best work to the table. MLC believes that great games are made by great teams, and they are dedicated to fostering a culture that nurtures creativity, diversity, and inclusivity.

About Players Attic:

Players Attic is a game development studio founded by Nikk Whysall and Lee Currie. With a focus on games that tell visionary stories through narrative and gameplay, Wild Yonder is their first major title.

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