The platform to manage your game studio

Enjoy the simplicity of production management tools within a Discord-like instant chat that keeps your project tracking and collaboration in one place.

Coming Early 2024

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Write your GDD

Easily create your GDD using templates and tools

Create Team Culture

Build channels for your team to collaborate and hang out

Budget Planner

Build your budget for your game and track through deliverables

Project Visibility in Chat

Keep your eye on what your team are working on within chat


Plan your project with boards, timelines and charts

Code Wiki

Build documentation and wiki information for the whole team

This is early prototype footage

Instant chat

Keep communication and deliverables in one place

Built on familiar chat apps we game developers already use, MLC Pro has direct integration of the project’s tasks and deliverables so everyone can see the project at a glance while collaborating.

Task Assignment

Only see what you need to see

Boost your team’s productivity by assigning members to your project’s deliverables and tasks.

This is early prototype footage

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This is early prototype footage


Set up chat channels how you like them

Own your flow, Just like when setting up on Discord or Slack, set up project channels how you like them, with general conversation separate from work chat.

Instant Chat

Collaborate and connect with your team using a Discord-like instant chat

Feedback Tracking

Separate feedback from general chat in dedicated deliverable feedback threads.

Multiple games

Add all your games and associated projects together in one place

Track Deliverables

Track and manage deliverables associated with your projects

Task Management

Split deliverables into tasks, assign team members and set deadlines

Improve QA

Add QA checklists to deliverables to ensure assets work flawlessly.

Budget Planning & Tracking

Create your budget and easily keep within limits set on your deliverables.

Time Tracking

Track time spent on deliverables and projects which link back to your budget.


Increase your team's capacity with built-in and purpose-built automation

External Collaborators

Easily work with external partners and add them to your projects

Hire Talent

Hire any of MLC's 150+ vetted artists directly on MLC Pro

Outsourcing Management

User Roles

Freelance Management

Custom QA Workflows

Kanban Boards

Timelines & Gantt charts

Overview of Projects

Mulitple Games

Integration With Clients

Customise Task Statuses

Jira Integration

Code Wiki

Join The Waitlist

You’ll be notified when your access to MLC Pro is enabled

Who is MLC Pro For?

Indie Studio Teams

1-20 person teams

III Studio Teams

20-100 person teams

Solo Devs

1-20 person teams

Who is building MLC Pro?

Game Developers | Producers

We’re an outsourcing studio that has needed a tool like this for years. We finally decided we’d build it for ourselves and anyone else who might find it useful.

MLC was established in 2018 and has worked on over 900 projects with its 150+ artists. 

Got Questions?

And suggestions – we’d love to hear them!

There will be a free plan available for smaller studios, with a tiered affordable pricing plan charged per user per month/annually. We haven't confirmed the pricing yet. 

*Anyone who is invited to use the beta will be able to use the beta completely free

We're slowing rolling out the beta in December 2023 through to Q1 2024.

We're building this because we've faced issues as game developers with existing tools. However, we know every studio faces different challenges. We'll release the full version of the platform once we have taken your highest priority feedback and implemented it into the tool.

Share your ideas and suggestions directly with the development team in Discord


We reply to enquires within 12 hours on working days (and usually under 2 hours!)