Our Monthly Art, 3D and Animation Retainer Service for Game Developers

Are you frequently hiring artists to help with your game and experiencing the frustration that comes with waiting for quotes, rejigging scopes, reconfiguring budgets and subsequently slow development progress? 

In which case, is now the time you’re looking to find the right partner to help long-term on a retainer level instead?

Spoiler: Partner with us 🔥

We know plenty of outsourcing studios offer a monthly retainer art service. Here’s why MLC should be at the top of your contender list.

What are the pros of working with MLC on a monthly retainer?

We know how important having a trusted partner is, in order to really crack on with game dev efficiently and comfortably.

This is exactly why we launched our Monthly Creative service for passionate game developers, customised to your needs.

Not only will we do the obvious: save you the manual work, approvals and waiting time that one-off orders bring, but with MLC’s monthly service, you’ll also be able to:

  • Develop personal, trusting and stable relationships with your passionate artists and project manager, through open communication on your own project Discord channel/s* and weekly calls
  • Obtain the same level of quality as one-off orders, more quickly yet less expensively alongside your game development pipeline
  • Budget yourself effectively, with clear and defined monthly scopes and your artists booked ahead of time
  • Align your development and release timeline with our marketing team who will help promote your game
  • Grab ideas and feedback from our team who are never short of compliments for awesome games we get to work on!

*Discord preferred, but not a necessity

We’ll bring team members of different specialisms together as needed; 2d, 3d, animators, tech artists etc. One of our Art Directors can join too if needed.

It’s common for clients to save 10-15% on assets when purchasing through a retainer.

How easy is MLC’s monthly retainer service?

Anyone can hop onto our monthly retaine service at any time*; both existing and new clients. The process is as simple as:

From there, you’ll receive ongoing support and deliverables from your dedicated team depending on the month’s scope of work. You, and whichever team members you’d like to be part of the process, can get involved as little or as much as you like.

You are able to scale up/down your team to your needs, whenever needed. Just chat with us!

*Minimum 3 month commitment. Customise length to your needs.

Why MLC over other studios?

Building an optimised team that works well together to help create your game is a time-consuming and difficult process. With us, you’ll only need to hire once to get flexible access to our trusted, and pre-vetted creative talent. You’ll be able to surround yourself with a team you can rely on, all while having the advantage of multiple freelancers supported by an experienced project manager. 

Get the right talent at the right time. We’ve worked on over 1000 games.

We have some beautifully written words from our clients too:

So, if you hadn’t guessed, we strongly recommend you think about our monthly retainer option, in order to reach your game development goals most efficiently. Every game dev team wants quality, speed and a brilliant end result, and that we can absolutely promise!

If our solution has piqued your interest, go ahead and contact us or express your interest for a later date with us to discuss your project and whether a retainer is the best option for you and your game:

We absolutely love partnering with passionate game development teams, large or small, so digital paint brushes in hand, we’re ready to go when you are! 🖌

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