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We had the pleasure of helping Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, an ancient village-builder, with animating the characters you find in-game (particularly the Mastadon as seen in the video below) and various other assets like fishing nets. We have worked with Erik on an ad hoc basis and continue to do so. Their Kickstarter has been extremely successful and we’re thrilled to be able to continue working with them when needed!

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The Brief

We were tasked with rigging and animating a 2-legged creature call a “Flathead”. This creature takes enormous steps as it moves swiftly across the land. It has the ability to charge and ram players with its flat head. We completed animations for idle, walking, run, charge preparation, and wounded. A special request for the creature’s antennae to bob around during movement was also included. This was accomplished with physics simulation.

The Process

The Final Work

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