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Knight Lands

Get ready for an epic adventure with Knight Lands – an open-world MMORPG. MLC had the privilege of being a part of the development journey and helped the team with concepts, modelling, animations, and environments. Working with the stylized art style of Knight Lands was an absolute delight, and watching the game characters come to life was nothing short of magical. From the intricate details of the landscapes to the fluid movements of the characters, every aspect of the game was crafted with precision and passion. MLC collaborated with Knight Lands to create high quality, stylized in game assets, animations and textures, which then lead to us crafting an in-engine cinematic trailer from the  first storyboard to the very end post-production edit.

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The Brief

Knight Lands needed some help with concepts, modelling, animations and environments for their upcoming MMORPG. Later, we collaborated with the team on an eery cinematic.

The Process

The Final Work

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