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3D Animation | 3D Character | Game Trailer
Labyrinthine image

Valko Game Studios

Animations, a trailer and a character model are what we helped the awesome Valko Studios with for their horror survival game, Labyrinthine. Check out the Oni model in all its g(l)ory and some behind the scenes of the animations we created! Horror animations are some of our favourites to do so we were honoured to have been able to work on this project! Oh, and make sure your volume isn’t on 100 when watching the trailer.

The Brief

Kill animations were needed for 5 monsters, plus a player animation to coincide with it. The character needed to be around 20,000 – 30,000 triangles, use PBR textures and have no more than 3 texture sets. The final model needed to be ready for rigging.

The Process

The Final Work

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