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Morbid Metal
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Felix Schade

We sunk our teeth into this project for Morbid Metal, a 3rd person, dark sci-fi, action roguelite, where players can shapeshift unique characters to slaughter enemies with powerful combos. We started by helping the team with  set of character animations and then moved onto this fierce high-fidelity realistic character model. We have no doubt this game will go far and excited to see it get the attention it deserves.

3D Animation | 3D Character
Client Review

The Brief

I’ve attached an image of the first character I would need animation work done for. This (and most other characters) are already rigged with humanoid rigging conventions for Unity. The three initial animations for this character would be an idle loop, a running cycle, as well as one a little more complex double-swing attack (more detail and references can be discussed at a later stage). I would like to get a character model for an enemy realized based on a detailed character concept sheet and an already existing highpoly blockout. The style should be really high fidelity, realistic and with lots of details in the mesh and especially the textures and normal bakes. The textures should include all PBR maps necessary (albedo, normal, AO, metallic, roughness, emissve) in at least 4096×4096 resolution. As I am working with Unity HDRP, I also require a combined map that packs the Metallic (R), AO (G), Detail (B) and Smoothness (A) into one texture in their respective channels (RGBA). Also noteworthy is, that in Unity HDRP the smoothness works like an inverted roughness map, so depending on your texturing software that might be useful to keep in mind. As for the mesh, it should, of course be game ready with a polycount limit of around 20k (the lower the better, but quality comes first). As mentioned, there is already a highpoly model of the character, however, this can differ from the concept and certain parts will most likely have to be rebuilt or additional details will have to be added.


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