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Funture Games, the great team behind Party Arena, a turn based strategy board game, wanted our help to produce their Steam promotional art after we helped them with 3d character animations. We really wanted to show off the game’s fun and light-hearted style through the artwork.  You can see how we played around with the structure and character until the final piece! Once we had finalised, we decided together with Funture Games that a logo update was needed and so that’s exactly what we did. As part of helping with their artwork, we just had to play a few rounds of Party Arena and, safe to say, this game is hilariously brilliant. The characters, the gameplay and the comical attacks between players leads to a lot of laughs.

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The Brief

Funture Games needed promotional art for their Steam page to showcase their new game, Party Arena. We wanted to capture the hilariously fun elements of the game in this piece and provided concept sketches of in-game moments before settling on the final design.

The Process

The Final Work

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