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Project Magenta

We assisted team Project Magenta with their VR project built on Unity for Twitch. First, we created a concept for the cyber city rooftop environment, then we created the scene with heavy bloom effects.  We worked with the team on creative direction, assembly/level design, lighting, asset sourcing and optimisation. The final result is a stunning VR Japanese futuristic / cyberpunk zen garden.

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The Brief

Looking for concept art that can really bring out a better design of the garden with the overlooking city scape. to add a Japanese theme while giving it a better look with a futuristic / cyberpunk feel set at night with the main sorta colors of blues, purples and pinks. The 3D environment needs to have bright cyber colouring, with themes of sci-fi magic, cityscape in background, glowing lake, fireflies. Scope of work is asset placement, shader work, lighting and coloring.

The Process

The Final Work

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