Soar Pillars of Tasneem

Soar: Pillars of Tasneem

Soar (formerly The Bear and the Broomstick) was a project we absolutely loved working on. We helped with a variety of 3d from animations, to lighting, to rigs. In motion, we are obsessed with how the air tricks in particular turned out, maintaining the overall flow of the flying while adding some flair! Check out the falling sword slash, skydive and grapple animations too. We relit the whole scene and took a bunch of screenshots to showcase it. This narrative driven adventure game is undoubtedly visually stunning. Take to the skies!

5 / 5 Client Review
These guys are quick, reliable, and make good quality assets. I couldn’t ask for better when outsourcing.
Ellipse image

The Brief

3 falling sword slash animations for UE4 default skeleton. 5 short animations- aerial tricks. Lighting the whole scene.

The Process

The Final Work

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