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The Last Hero of Nostalgaia
2D Assets | 2D Character | Concept Art
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Our team had a blast working on some of the characters you’ll see in game. We advise you to prepare yourselves for embarking on an epic & satirical journey unlike any other!

5 / 5 Client Review
I had a fantastic experience working with MLC. Getting artwork created for a given direction is not always easy, but the team at MLC are really fantastic listeners. They were able to understand exactly what we needed and gave us a high quality product as a result. In the handful of times where we had a miscommunication (which will happen anywhere) it was easy to offer feedback and the team was quick to pivot. I'll be working with them in the future for sure.

The Brief

MLC was tasked with concepting some of the key characters for The Last Hero of Nostalgaia demo. Taking them from rough sketches to a finished character sheet for the 3D team to model. Concepts included some featured weapons and props to round out each character.

The Process

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The Final Work

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