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Constantino Carrega

KAYO - PlayMakers

Working with MLC was an extremely positive experience for PlayMakers. Communication was clear and efficient. They were able to pair us with a great Designer in Margo, who was a perfect fit for the mission. If you are looking for a team of experienced designers to work with and tackle your game production needs rapidly, efficiently and with expertise, I highly recommend working with them.


Theo Corvaisier

Remnant Records - Noctiluca Studio

Excellent experience with MLC. The team is talented, friendly and helpful. We will continue to work with MLC, and highly recommend them.


Daniel Arnold-Mist

Under A Rock - Nordic Trolls

MLC's competence in all areas of animation excels in the industry. Nordic Trolls has had an amazing experience working with the team (their creative ideas shine through in our project).
We would highly recommend MLC to any professionals seeking high quality results for their game or animation needs. It has been a pleasure and we will continue to work with them in the future!


Kia Armani


Love working with MLC! Shoutout to Elise who've I had the distinct pleasure in working with together!


Cory Heald

Underbite/Merge Games

MLC helped up the quality of animations for our upcoming game. I was extremely pleased with the results and have already added budget to work with them on our next project.


John Warner

Over The Moon Games

I had a fantastic experience working with MLC. Getting artwork created for a given direction is not always easy, but the team at MLC are really fantastic listeners. They were able to understand exactly what we needed and gave us a high quality product as a result. In the handful of times where we had a miscommunication (which will happen anywhere) it was easy to offer feedback and the team was quick to pivot. I'll be working with them in the future for sure.


Hunter Wu

Matrioshka Games

We work with MLC as one of our main partners in game development. Huge help to make our game a reality. I would recommend MLC to anyone who needs an creative team to meet your requirements for creative digital projects.


Stuart Townsend

Super Rare Games

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Hannah, Max and a number of superstar artists and animators for the creation of the OTXO Key Art. From the outset they were extremely passionate, professional and totally focussed in ensuring the brief was smashed outta the park! They listened, refined when needed, and executed a stunning piece of work that we’re all so proud of! Fine work MLC!


Jon Malave

Eonfall - NeoRelm Studios

It was such pleasure working with MLC! Everything went very smoothly from start to finish. I really appreciated their team's responsiveness to any questions or concerns. My custom 3D assets were completed and delivered much earlier than I anticipated. MLC certainly exceeded my expectations!


Austin Miller


Have worked and am currently working with MLC, and they are one of the best studio collectives that our team has worked with in the lifespan of our game project.Easy to get started, up front and honest pricing, and they offer the majority of needs any project can throw at them. I would highly recommend working with them, and their team of artists/consultants.


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How it works

Work directly with artists you pick

Experience the freedom of MLC through direct artist-client collaboration. Don’t compromise on poorly understood briefs, communicate directly with your MLC artists to get exactly what and how you need.


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